We are happy to provide you with architectural design and planning services to make your dream project a reality. Whether you are based locally in Grenada or internationally we can work with you to make your project a success. We are at your service if you are looking to build a single family home, multi family residence, institutional , hospitality or commercial project. Dynamic Latitude can take your from conceptual designs to construction drawings. Please contact us via email to brief us on your project necessities and schedule an appointment to meet.


  • Design Feasibility Study

  • Architectural Design

  • Architectural Planning

  • Planning Submission

  • Construction Tendering

  • Master Planning

  • Urban Design

  • Environmental Design

  • Architectural Visualization


Residential Architectural & Planning

For our residential projects, we charge at a general rate of 2% of an estimated cost of construction, ranging from 90-125 USD per finished square foot. This service includes design conceptualization, 3D modeling and visualization, construction drawings, planning submission for approval, provisional bill of quantities and review of contract and contractor's estimate.

Non-Residential Architectural & Planning

For non-residential project our architectural fees and service package may vary depending on our project requirements.  



We believe that the future of building infrastructure ought to encompass an ecological vision of preservation and innovation which is envisioned in parallel to the optimum sustainability of humanity and our environment. In our age of contemporary development, human needs are best served by reducing construction wastage and a heavy dependence on non-renewable energy to achieve a functional design requirement. We believe that being unable to adjust our building infrastructure practices to suit our environment will inevitably leave humanity with a delayed course of action to live in equilibrium with nature. 

Our studio's primary aim is to be part of the global ecological directive which imparts in small steps to larger steps innovation through green design for the prosperity of humanity. We strongly believe that as a representation and expression of humanity, building infrastructure ought to reflect ecological values. Our values ought to support the longevity of humanity and must be based on a general respect for nature.  The future of building infrastructure is one which not only satisfies a human necessity but also an ecological necessity.

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