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Project Location: Morne Delice, St. George's, Grenada​

Project Type: Residential

Project Scale: 5,000 Sq. Ft. Building

Project Status: Approved for Construction

Architect: Lachaba Carr Joseph

Structural Engineer / Structural Draftsperson: Lachaba Carr Joseph

Client: Confidential

Visualization Artist: None

Contractor: None

Project Description: 

This project was intended to be (5) bedroom home with typical renaissance features and brownstone finish similar to many dwellings in the Brooklyn area. This dwelling is intended to be the first of it’s kind in Grenada as the Client is a specialist artisan in restoration of Brownstone buildings. Due to the limited external landscape and overall site topography of the site, a decision was made to conserved the project design for another site at a future date.

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