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Project Location: Forte Jeudy,, St. George's, Grenada​

Project Type: Residential

Project Scale: 4,400 Sq. Ft. Building

Project Status: Under construction

Architect: Lachaba Carr Joseph

Structural Engineer / Structural Draftsperson: Lachaba Carr Joseph

Client: Confidential

Visualization Lachaba Carr Joseph

Contractor: Leo Peters, Lap Design & Construction Ltd.

Project Description:

This 4,400 Sq. Ft. residence with large pool is to be situated on the very end of the Forte Jeudy coastal bluff with panoramic ocean view. Dynamic Latitude has been involved in this project from land acquisition and is involved in the construction supervision of this project. This project in terms of design vernacular is one of the crowning projects of our studio and defines our architectural perspective.

This three bedroom residence counts with spacious rooms, garage, large driveway, loft floor and several covered and uncovered external courtyards, living area and services areas. For the owners, the view is more important than the dwelling itself and all fenestration to the west is open to the view with laminated glass and overhangs shading from heat gain. This residence was conceived in 3 separate blocks at owners request being master, living and guest blocks. It is a truly minimalistic work of art with the integration of concrete, wood and local stonework.

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