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Project Location: Point Marquis Development, St. David's, Grenada

Project Type: Residential

Project Scale: 2,000 Sq. Ft.

Project Status: Approved for Construction

Architect: Lachaba Carr Joseph

Structural Engineer / Structural Draftsperson: Lachaba Carr Joseph

Client: Confidential

Visualization Artist: Lachaba Carr Joseph

Contractor: To be determined

Project Description: 

This 2,000 Sq. Ft. dwelling located near La Sagesse in on of the most secluded and beautiful private gated community would be one of the first five homes to be completed in this development. The design is very minimalistic with a simple layout for easy of building to conserve budget. Although modest in size and budget this home is expected to be one of the most impacting homes to be built at this location because of the lot visibility and uniqueness of design divorced from the usual features Grenadian housing. Although contemporary in design this home still embraces traditional features in its fenestration, such as louver and pergolas to retain a sensation of warm tropical living. 

Hosten Quck 2.jpg
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