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Project Location: Belle Air, Carriacou, Grenada​

Project Type: Residential

Project Scale: 1,500 Sq. Ft. Building

Project Status: Approved for Construction / Resubmission for alternative design done by another Consultant.

Architect: Lachaba Carr Joseph

Structural Engineer / Structural Draftsperson: None

Client: Confidential

Visualization Artist: None

Contractor: None

Project Description: 

This project was to be located on 2 acres of secluded land in Belle Air, Carriacou with panoramic views. The concept of this project was to incorporate features of forest dwellings to merge with the heavily wooded surroundings. This project would have incorporated a hybrid wooden skin throughout most of the exterior and a cladded masonry structure to with stand hurricane force winds. This was essential to the Client to have a warmer more traditional wooden finished exterior. However due to changing spatial requirements from the owner although previously approved, alternative downscaled design was resubmitted and approved to be built by another design consultant recommended by Dynamic Latitude.

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