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Egmont 299  Post Production 3.jpg


Project Location: Egmont Development, St. George's, Grenada

Project Type: Residential

Project Scale: 5,000 Sq. Ft. Over Three Levels with Roof Top Deck

Project Status: Submitted for Building Approval 

Architect: Lachaba Carr Joseph

Structural Engineer / Structural Draftsperson: Reinier Noda, Novara Engineering

Client: Confidential

Visualization Artist: Lachaba Carr Joseph

Contractor: To be determined

Project Description: 

This design is of minimalistic contemporary approach, with a clean lined approach to design. This approach principally enforced wall alignments and some degree of symmetry. An open fenestration was taken to the view side only to consolidate the cost of impact resistant glazing. Privacy and minimal fenestration was maintained to the front and laterally.

The design aesthetics further embrace a “White Architecture”, absent of any loud building colors with a minimal use of natural elements such as locally supplied hardwood. This approach allows for a clean pallet to allow for the interior decor and landscaping to define the sensibility of spaces specific to the occupants style. As such the architecture although being interesting in geometry becomes the item which frames and accommodates the features which gives character of the dwelling.

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