Princeton Passive House  | 2015 | Visualization & Interiors

Working with DR Schotland Architect of New Jersey, this 5,000 Sq. Ft. home in Princeton, New Jersey breaks from the traditional architecture of the neighborhood with a minimalist contemporary design. Great emphasis was placed in landscaping and green building measures by the lead Architect. Our Studio was engaged to assist with the contemporary aesthetics, interior styling and architectural visualization.


Egmont Bay Private Villas | 2018 |

Design Under Construction

Located in Petite Calivigny, Grenada over looking a stunning view these couple of  three bedroom luxury 2,500 Sq. Ft. Villas were designed non-client specific to be appealing for potential rental or sale. On Lot c2 the a 10,000 Sq. Ft. lot has been sub-divided To provide 2 lots for two separate villas boasting the same incredible views. These contemporary villas speak luxury in its architecture and location.


Hans Residence @ Egmont 208 | 2019 | Under Design

Da Costa Residence Egmont 302 | 2018 |

Built Work Completed

The aim of this 2.000 Sq. Ft. home located in Lot 302, Egmont Development, Grenada was to be built at a very economic cost with a contemporary aesthetics. This aim was best achieved through the simplicity of the design and limiting the dwelling to a single floor. Dynamism and interest was created not through volumetric variation but through scoring on the facade and fenestration creating instances of sequence and repetition. 


Da Costa Loft | 2016 | Built Work Completed

This single bedroom with loft home over looks the Spice Isle Mall and Grand Anse Beach in Grenada.This dwelling presented various challenges including gain planning approval due to the fact that the existing lot coverage and specified purpose of existing development adversely affected the possibility of this project receiving approval. In addition the entire dwelling was elevated 16' above grade to achieve a panoramic view of Morn Rouge.


True Blue Combat Center | 2019 | Under Design 


Thy Kingdom Come Deliverance Sancturary | 2018 | 

Design Under Construction

This 6,000 footprint 2 storey contemporary Pentecostal church building is designed to accommodate a worship of 706 persons. Located in Morne Jaloux, Grenada the site is accessible from various communities around the area. Parking as well as several auxiliary spaces such as offices, guest suite and daycare has been included into the architectural program to improve the function of the building infrastructure.


A. A. Lewis's Island View Ying & Yang Residence  | 2019 |  Under Design


Hoford Residence @ Petite Calivigny | 2019 | Under Design 


Lot 10 @ Fort Jeudy | 2019 | Under Design 

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